Livraison entre 3 et 7 jours en France


SOUMGASSAMA is a French brand of tailors for masculine women, upcycled and entirely made in Paris. The brand was born from the desire to create tailors in which we feel comfortable. Tailors halfway between classic, timeless clothing and fashion pieces. 
THE CONCEPT . Androgynous pieces for masculine women. 
  • Four models of jackets 
  • Two models of pants
  • Two models of shorts
We manufacture 4 pieces per month, which is equivalent to 48 pieces per year.
The pieces will be available in different colors and sizes, on the site and in stores.

COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE PIECES -  Our tailors are of exceptional comfort, ample but dressed they adapt to city and contemporary life. Starting from knitted, stretchy and multidirectional fabrics, the materials used provide comfort and ease in movement, and adjust perfectly to the body. The brand favors sober and solid colors as well as resistant fabrics over time. We pay particular attention to fabrics, their origins and their resistance. Being carefully comfortable in durable clothing is our primary concern. 

LOCAL MANUFACTURING - And yes, we only work in countries where the labor code properly protects its employees. We produce in Paris itself; manufacturing costs are higher, but it allows us  to keep control of the entire production chain, to support the local economy, but also to reduce our carbon footprint.

A RIGHT PRICE - When we collect all the elements that will be used to design a room, we do a very simple calculation: 

Example for the Barika suit jacket

Raw material (25 €) + Manufacturing cost in Paris (80 €) + Price of labels (2 €) + Price of packaging (5 €) + Amount of delivery (8 €) = Cost (120 €) . Then we multiply the cost by 2.5 (Our margin) . Which gives us the sale price including tax (300 €) .

Clothing is and has always been a cultural symbol. He speaks of a period, of a movement. It describes the mores of a society. We therefore take care to set up a freer, more aware and more sustainable fashion. Fashion in keeping with the state of mind and the uniqueness of each individual. All this, while respecting human beings, their values ​​and their environment.