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Eco-conceived pieces

And yes, we only work in countries where the labour code properly protects its employees. We produce in Paris itself; the manufacturing costs are higher, but it allows us to keep control of the whole production chain, to support the local economy, but also to reduce our carbon footprint. Also, we can communicate the names of the designers who make the pieces. "Couturiers" because, as far as we are concerned, it is the guys behind the sewing machines who give life to our pieces.


Each fabric scrap is carefully selected by the textile team. We go to our Parisian suppliers, gurus of the end of stocks and we recover the available fabrics.

But what is overcycling ?

Putting back into circulation materials that have been abandoned or are destined to be destroyed...


The materials we recover come from a textile factory located in Inchy en Cambresis (Haut de France) so the specialisation is the manufacture of knitted accessories.


When selecting materials, we give preference to the most resistant and breathable fabrics possible. BUT NOT ONLY !

To guarantee the optimal duration of the pieces, we identify the flaws initially known on your garments (zip problems, pilling, shrinkage, falling buttons, ...) and we make sure to make more relevant choices that will minimise these problems in the future).

Yes, because it's annoying to give up your great oversize jacket that you love, because of a damn hole that has formed. And no, you don't necessarily want to go and get it repaired because of the cost. That's when you say to yourself: you might as well buy another one. And then, without realizing it, you fall into the trap of fast fashion. Over-consumption!


When we recover all the elements that will be used to design a part, we make a very simple calculation to determine our selling price.

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