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"After studying fashion design and having worked as a textile designer in clothing workshops and with young designers, I wanted to develop my career. I then added the entrepreneurial dimension to my initial profession and decided to create the SOUMGASSAMA brand.

In order to face the hyper-generated industry that is today's fashion, I developed a brand of suits for androgynous women, with the aim of showing that an alternative fashion is possible, a fashion that is not codified and where the gender code is only a detail. My approach also wishes to encourage people to consume and wear clothing differently.

Having my dearest mother who has been working in the textile industry for over 20 years, I grew up in a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem and in turn, I decided to become an entrepreneur in fashion. A healthy fashion full of "singularity".

As far as the brand is concerned, the idea is to offer a timeless wardrobe consisting of 12 pieces per year.

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